An Improved PSO (IPSO) Method to Solve Multi-Area Economic Dispatch


  • Khan Nahid Ishrat Nasir Khan, Pratik R. Hajare


The purpose of the MAED problem is to optimize the distribution of producing resources across multiple locations in order to meet demand while minimizing costs and conforming to operational limits. Advanced procedures such as IPSO are often required since traditional optimization strategies fail miserably when faced with the complexities of multi-area systems. By integrating adaptive parameter adjustment methods, diversity maintenance techniques, and problem-specific operators, IPSO improves upon standard Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithms. The Multi Area Economic Dispatch (MAED) problem is addressed in this study by introducing enhanced PSO (IPSO). In addition, the control equation's operational parameters are adjusted so that the swarm's social and cognitive behaviors are more balanced. 40 generators make up the test setup that was used to determine how well the suggested technique worked. When applied to the large-dimensional MAED issue, IPSO shows great promise, according to the findings of the application.