Analyzing The Role of IoT in the Condition Monitoring of Induction Motor


  • Kiran Dhande, Pratik R. Hajare


Induction motors are essential in many industrial processes, and maintaining their peak performance is vital for efficiency and cost savings. Conventional methods for condition monitoring have been constrained by their responsive characteristics and lack of capacity to offer immediate insights into the health of motors. IoT technologies provide a transformational option by allowing constant monitoring of motor characteristics and supporting predictive maintenance efforts. To guarantee safe and economical operations, this article details a system for remote control and monitoring of an induction motor in an industrial setting that makes use of the internet of things (IoT). Arduino receives data from transducer modules and sensors that measure things like voltage, temperature, vibration, external moisture, revolutions per minute, and current flowing through the induction machine's load. The parameters will be analyzed and shown. It provides a practical use for businesses looking to improve the efficiency and usability of their systems.