An Assessment on the Resident’s Perception on the Effects of Tourism in Southern Cebu, Philippines


  • Ma. Leslie B. Basallo


One of the global industries with the quickest growth rates is tourism. It is one type of project that generates income and helps a nation's economy grow and thrive. In order to assess the socioeconomic effects of the tourism industry in Barili, Cebu, this paper looked at the following factors: employment generation, increase in private and public investment in the region, entrepreneurial development, increase in standard of living, increase in foreign exchange earnings, development of public facilities, infrastructure development, social relationship development, increase in cultural activities, increase in pride, and cultural exchange, appreciation of local culture, positive change in people’s lifestyle, behavior and values have a Neutral degree of responses perceived by the respondents .  Furthermore, it's important to look at tourism's drawbacks, such as rising property values, benefits for non-residents, rising costs of living, commercialization of activities, dilution of regional languages, rise in crime, escalation of social conflicts, social dislocation, crowding and congestion, prostitution, inflation, pollution, and loss of cultural identity, as these effects would demonstrate the positive changes the industry brings.