Study on Kalinga Style Architecture of one of the Miscellaneous Temples of Jagannatha Dham of India


  • Ratnakar Mohapatra, Sunil Mallick


The Gundica temple of Puri (Jagannatha Dhama) is one of the important miscellaneous Hindu shrines of Odisha in Eastern India. Jagannatha Dham is not only famous as a holy place of India but its surrounding is also treated as grand and splendid in the whole of world. The kshetra of Jagannatha is a coordinating place where all the Hindu gods and goddesses are worshipped. There are also a number of temples of smaller and medium sizes noticed in the different parts of the kshetra. The main Jagannatha temple is situated in the centre of the kshetra of Jagannatha (Puri town). Besides the temples of Siva, Sakta and Vishnu, the kshetra of Lord Jagannatha is also surrounded by a number of other miscellaneous shrines, which belong to various gods and goddesses. A few important and note worthy miscellaneous temples of them have link with various rites and festivals of Lord Jagannatha temple. Although the temples of various sects of Hinduism are erected in all parts of the kshetra, some of them do not belong to principal god of Brahminical faith. This type of temples belongs to the sub-class of the particular sect of the Hinduism. Some shrines have special position in the cultural history of Odisha. The miscellaneous temples constructed in the different parts of Jagannatha Dhama of Odisha in Eastern India. Out of the extant miscellaneous temples of the Jagannatha Dhama, the temple of Gundicha has been taken here for scholarly discussion. The aim of this article is to highlight the architectural designs, sculptural features along with the religious significance of the Gundichatemple of the Jagannatha Dhama of Odisha in Eastern India.