Factors Determining the Sustainability of Tourism in Goa: An Empirical Study


  • Dr. Subrahmanya Bhat


Tourism may not be viewed solely on the basis of the commoditization of the tourism experience, as is very frequently the situation, in order for excellent, sustainable, and ecological tourism to succeed. Even though these fictitious positions might offer some photo opportunities for travellers and benefit the local business and investors in the short term, the same approach will hardly function in the longer - term as other places compete for the exact number of visitors' footfalls. Since everything else we would try to provide is already accessible abroad, in order to keep tourist in the long-term, service providers must give travellers the "genuine Goa experience." The value of the figures as well as the industry's longevity are more important in the tourism industry than simply the quantity. If the distinctive Goan ecosystem, which is the chief cause Goa has evolved into a name as well as why people visit Goa, is damaged, then tourism would suffer as well because other places will grow more alluring and also more affordable. Thus, this essay will identify the variables that will contribute to the longterm viability of Goan tourist. A sample of 187 respondents was collected from respondents through a "standard questionnaire," which was created on a five-point interval scale.