Impact of Digital Education on Delhi University Students: Post Covid-19 Era


  • Ravneet Duggal


With the spread of pandemic, life of everyone has been affected in one way or the other and created complications. The educational system was the first to be effected by these crises as all educational institutions got shutdown. To deal with it digital education concept emerged as an indispensable resource for education. This new technology provided all types of learning opportunities for students and enabled teachers to create virtual experiences for them. All educational institutes are using platforms like Google classroom, Microsoft teams, and apps like Zoom to carry on with the teaching process.  However, it did not prove to be of great success because of the various issues and challenges attached to this new system of education leading to struggle of both teachers and students in their own way to cope up with this situation. A survey was conducted on 110 students, studying at undergraduate level in Delhi University College to find out how online teaching has impacted them and how they perceive in terms of benefits and challenges associated with digital education system. A predesigned questionnaire was employed for collection of data and group discussion was conducted on the issue which gave various insights into this new concept and suggestions from a student’s perspective which can be quite helpful in designing the way online teaching can be made effective.