Corporate Role with Government in Preparing Industrial Human Resources Competency


  • Ahmad Darmawi
  • Darsono ​
  • Drajat Tri Kartono
  • Sapja Anantanyu


The purpose of this paper is to find a model of human resources development through vocational education, especially the Human Resources (HR) textile industry in Indonesia. The model obtained will provide solutions on how to overcome the shortage of human resources that are ready to work in the field of the textile industry. Every year the textile industry in Indonesia needs skilled HR, but that is available less than that number. Meanwhile, the number of graduates of industry universities in the Ministry of Industry has not been able to meet the needs of the industrial world. The Model offered, is a synergy between the community, the role of government and industry (Stakeholder participation). By using qualitative research approach, observation and in-depth interviews to the informant who knows the real condition of the needs of industrial HR, then we find a model that is appropriate, to be applied to the textile and garment industry in Indonesia. In order to face the problems and challenges of the workforce, the Government of Indonesia has prepared a plan for the development of the industrial workforce through competency-based industry vocational education.