Human Resource Development in North East India


  • Amanpreet, Pooja


Human resource development plays an important role in economic growth and development of a region. North East India, despite having plenty of natural resources fails to accelerate the economic growth of the region. Sometimes, poor infrastructure and human resources are held responsible for this. Human development index is much below in north eastern region. However, Mizoram and Manipur have performed reasonably well in improving human development but failed to progress much economically, compared to theothermajor states of India. States like Meghalaya and Assam despite having many natural resources could not develop industries and the economy. They are also backward in term of human resource development.The features of occupational distribution of this region implies that the proportion of workers in the primary and tirtiary sectors are overwhelmingly large, while the secondary sector most important for material prosperity, employs very small proportion of workers. Rural urban disparity , gender disparity and uneven human development across the states in the region are quite significant. The distributing trend of increasing gender disparity and escalating rural urban gap particularly in the state of Assam and Meghalaya is a matter of concern.The development and growth of a region greatly depends upon proper utilization of it’s human resources, to utilize these resources there is need to convert human beings into human resources. The existing educational institutions will have to start technical and professional education programs. Several new educational institutions will have to be started in this region especially technical and professional courses suiting to the need of the growing economy.