A Reading of Jeyanthi Manokaran's short Narrative on the Role of Children's Literature in Environmentalism Chipko Establishes Himself


  • Dr. Saurabh Bhardwaj


Chipko takes root is a short story for children that explore a very serious theme that emphasises the need for environment protection and preservation. This paper attempts to explore the major role played by children throughout the story to protect their environment and its natural resources and the struggle they undergo to finally attain the desired success. It thereby aims to emphasise the need to educate and spread awareness in children, the future generation at a very early stage, about the environmental issues that requires very serious concern and the ways to tackle them through non-violence. This paper also attempts to discuss a major issue of the exploitation of the vast natural resources in the name of development and the after effects of such thoughtless deeds. The Chipko movement that serves the background of the story not only provides children an awareness of a great historical non-violent movement but also discusses children as contributors to sustainable ecological development.