Corruption in India: Causes and Cures


  • Dr. Rajni Bala, Mr. Mohit Verma


Corruption, today, is attracting a lot of attention in India and around the world. Certainly, the phenomenon of corruption is something not new; it prevailed in early days also. Corruption, however, is at its peak world-wide now. Print media in the New Millennium unhesitatingly expose and published corruption in newspapers columns or in magazines and journals, something which it doesn’t usually do few decades ago. The paper surveys and discusses the issues related to the causes and scenario of corruption in India and possible corrective action to fight against it. It emphasizes the point that the fight against corruption may not be an easy job and cannot be independent from the purview of the reform of the state. Having said, if certain measures in the form of reforms are not made immediately in India, the level of corruption will grow even bigger in proportion than now in the years to come and is likely to be a huge problem regardless of actions directly aimed at curtailing it.