Challenges in Supply Chain Management – A Review


  • Dr. Sunny Arora, Dr. Rajinder Kapil


In both the service and manufacturing industries, SC management has taken a prominent operations strategy position, and for many years, industries have actually implemented SCM strategies in their businesses. India is becoming into a global industrial hub. Increasing demand in both domestic and foreign markets is providing Indian industries with new prospects. Globalization has increased competitiveness, making it inevitable for Indian firms to supply cost-effective, high-quality production with strict delivery dates. This article outlines SCM and some of the fundamental elements and issues that it faces. In summary, if SCM is viewed as a strategic aspect of a firm, then retaining control and control throughout the SC is critical to success. Finding the correct partner to handle the non-strategic SC, on the other hand, would be a critical aspect. A complete grasp of Supply Chain's components, procedures, workflow, processes, and the role of SCM in maximising corporate value is required to establish the most significant critical aspects within SCM. The SC operations reference model may provide reliable information on assessing performance and recognising urgencies inside SCM. Investigating its aspects, such as Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, and Return, can help us grasp the major critical variables. From the first to the third layer of SCM, these aspects cover all of the main tough areas.