Impact of Digital Media on Consumer Buying Behaviour


  • Ms. Kavita, Dr. Rajinder Kapil


Digital technology has altered the retail scene in recent years, and there are signs that it will continue to do so in the future. Consumer surveys, which show the extent to which digital technologies have become interwoven into the shopping experience, are proof of this. Retail has grown considerably more reliant on technology and social media effects, from complete price transparency to cellphone notifications and social sharing. In this new climate, a responsive and forward-thinking store can please customers by emphasising a seamless digital experience. Responsive website design, tailored notifications, and an engaging content strategy are some of the options accessible to businesses. The seamless integration of these technologies into the purchasing experience may help a business attract new customers while also increasing loyalty among existing ones.

To accomplish my goals, I did primary research by developing questionnaires to examine the influence of digital media on users' shifting purchasing habits.