Explore Relationship Marketing of a Coffee Shop Industry to Customer Retention in Garut –Indonesia


  • Wati Susilawati
  • Intan Tenisia Prawita Sari


To investigate the relationship between relationship marketing and customer retention in Garut`s coffee shop commerce.  The method used in this research is descriptive and associative methods. Descriptive method is a conjecture about the value of an independent variable, not making comparisons or relationships.  Associative Method is a statement that shows the conjecture about the relationship between two or more variables. Then, the acquisition of data and information used survey technique that is five option questionnaires. These surveys are gathering information both with interviews and with field data that illustrates the factors associated with relationship marketing and customer retention.response of respondents regarding both relationship marketing and consumer retention variables of coffee shop industry in Garut have a good assessment criteria. Then, there is a fairly strong relationship from the Relationship Marketing variable to Customer Retention. R Square value indicates that the Customer Retention variable can be explained by the Relationship Marketing variable by 35.2% while the remaining 64.8% is explained by other variables (epsilon) that were not examined in this study. the better relationship marketing done by a Coffe Shop in Garut, the more customer retention in that company. To have loyal customers, companies must strive to maintain it. Customer retention will bring benefits in this case long-term income, in addition to supporting the company's programs, both in the form of new product development and services provided by the company.