A Conceptual Analysis of Certain Indian Corporations Using New HR/IR Paradigms in Employee Relationships


  • Ms. Sandeep Kaur, Mr. Sandeep Kumar


Human Resource Management assists firms in achieving their goals from time to time by instilling a good attitude in employees and improving employee relations. Only a strong human resource management system can allow the company to thrive. People and their potential for growth are the focus of today's human resource management. Employee engagement, talent management, brand promotion, and attrition control have developed beyond the conventional tasks of human resource departments to attract, recruit, train, promote, and set remuneration. Many large businesses are imposing new HR paradigms as a result of change management in order to compete with their rivals and stay in the market for a long time. Traditional human resource techniques are giving way to new ones such as succession planning, e-mentoring, talent management, strategic HR, sustainability, employee branding, leadership development, and assessment system changes, to name a few. We attempted to focus this study on the new HR paradigms in the five firms we chose. We also discussed the HRM strategies that are now in use in the most well-known public and private businesses. In our research paper, we also looked at the impact of technology on the paradigm change in HR practises.