Policies, Techniques, and Commercialization in Agriculture with Special Focus on Developing Countries Like India


  • Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Parveen Kumar Garg


Agriculture has always been the backbone of any global economy, and despite deliberate industrialization over the previous six decades, agriculture continues to have a prominent position. Agriculture has a long history in India, with records reaching back ten thousand years. Agriculture is under a lot of pressure to produce more and increase farmer income; second, the rural workforce's reliance on agriculture for employment has not decreased in proportion to the sector's contribution to GDP. Agriculture and related sectors, such as forestry and timber harvesting, accounted for 16.6% of GDP in 2007, employed 52 percent of the total workforce, and, despite a steady decline in its share of GDP, remains the largest economic sector and plays a significant role in terms of socioeconomic progress. It aims to establish a sustainable and viable farming and livelihood support system through debt relief to farmers, improved supply of institutional credit, crop diversification.