Competency-Based Job Performance of Higher Education Institution’s Personnel: Human Resource Management


  • Ronald M. Ramirez, Maria A. Nudalo


Job competency is a significant foundation of work performance. The study examines the profile and determines the job competency level of the faculty, non-teaching employees and job order employees of Cebu Technological University- San Francisco Campus for the academic year 2016-2017. The job competency level is based in terms of accounting and administrative competencies, planning and development competencies, Human Resource Management and development competence, behavioral human competencies, organizational core competencies and supervisory managerial competence using the job competency assessment tool developed by the Human Resource Management Office. Results showed that the personnel job profile in terms of length of service ranges from 21-25 years for the teaching personnel, 11-15 for non- teaching and 1-5 years for the contractual workers. Ranks of the teaching faculty are mostly Instructor 1 followed by Assistant Professor 1 with one University Professor, the highest in rank. For the non-teaching personnel most of them were Admin Aide 1 and for the job order workers were mostly office assistant job description. Competency level of all the employees in terms of accounting and administrative, planning and development, Human Resource Management and development, behavioral human, organizational core competence, and supervisory managerial competence ranked as moderately competent by the respondents. There is a need to further improve their competency skills in the workplace.