• Anita Patil, Neeraj Rajput, Akhil Sharma, Ankita Shinde


The Multilevel Encryption over shared media provides double security to the text message which is further encrypted in the secret image by using RSA Algorithm. The secret image is further encoded into three cover images by using Visual cryptography. The cryptographic tool which we are using for encoding the secret image into different shares is called Visual Secret Scheme. This scheme makes sure that it doesn’t reveal our secret text message which is encrypted inside the secret image and further encoded into three cover images. The process of hiding a secret image into two or more images which are called shares is visual cryptography. At the receiver end, it becomes very easy for the further person to decrypt the secret image and the text information which is encrypted in the secret image by stacking the cover images together which consists of less computation. These cover images or shares encode are very safe because separately they cannot reveal anything about the secret image. In this paper generalized version of multilevel encryption over shared media is mentioned the picture to be hidden is kept under n share
images and the secret text is hidden in the secret image which provides more security and prevents the image from being tampered. A simple decryption algorithm is used on the receiver end to decrypt the message. In this paper, we use
the RSA algorithm which successfully encrypts a text message into the secret image and further into three cover images as chosen by the user.