Design and Development of Aerial Thermal Imaging Drone


  • Bhushan S. Deore, Simran Singh, Saloni Lohar, Samruddha Adsule


The pandemic has led to the huge loss of human Life Worldwide and it Presents an Unprecedented Challenge to people’s health, foods System, and Working People. There are two Disruptions are happened here first is economic and the second is Social Disruption. Pandemic is so devastating that tens of millions of people are in Poverty, and Number of people are Undernourished, Because of Recent outbreak the Pneumonia that Caused by a New Coronavirus in China this makes an extraordinary risk in world-wide General Health. Pneumonia-type Diseases put human life in danger even after this pandemic. Because this type of Disease is spreading very fast. Because of this kind of Disease can lead to spreading such kind of the Viruses The reason behind the rapid spreading is lack of awareness and the screening of the huge crowd for the spread is a big challenge. Screening through infrared Guns/Thermometers is technically not possible as it also puts the person scanning at risk. Technically it's not possible to do the COVID test for everyone. So, in this paper, we aim to Design a System that can capable of Detecting the Spreaders without Physical Screening or Human Interaction. The IoT-based thermal scanning-based drone is capable of scanning the huge crowd and segregating the data based on the temperature, as well as detecting the Gender of the Person and sending that information to the Drone.