Automated Airport Check-In System


  • Ashwini Naik, Sujith Nair, Jayesh Mhatre, Akshay Nair, Prajwal More


Airports are one of the busiest places where a large number of people assemble. Effective crowd management, therefore, becomes inevitable. Airline check-in is one process that is mostly done manually, leading to long queues and a slower work rate. Also, it is one of the processes where human contact has been necessary until now. Therefore, an automated system would reduce human contact and would help in saving precious seconds, thereby leading to efficient time management. Also, the human error involved in this process could be eliminated. The process of printing boarding passes also requires a lot of paper. A technological alternative to this could help reduce the burden on the environment. This paper proposes to demonstrate a version of an automated check-in process, using Radio Frequency Identification, Arduino, Java, Structured Query Language, Hypertext Markup Language, and Cascading Style Sheets. The proposition ultimately aims to integrate hardware as well as software mechanisms required in check-ins ad in the issuance of boarding passes into one seamless package.