Design of DGS Based Sierpinski Gasket Iterative Models for Ku & K Band Applications


  • Lakshmi Bhavani K, Dr. P Siddaiah


A high bandwidth with higher gain improved factors with DGS is improvised on a frequency range of 11to 18 GHz by using fractal defected ground structure using Sierpinski Gasket from iterations (0-3). The design factors with radiation pattern provide prominent a wide range of applications as its representation is either cycloid in 3D form. The factors such as bandwidth with radiation pattern and other features such VSWR are improved when compared to normal and results in stable directional antenna with Ku and K band frequency model using Sierpinski gasket.The overall Gain of the Sierpinski Gasket at ITER-3 with DGS ITER0 is observed at max value 41dB. Similarly the Bandwidth observed for most of the design cases from upper and lower from ITER(0-2) will be 2.49- 4GHz while only for iteration 3, the observed bandwidth is about 10.98GHz for lower band and for upper at 22.13GHz.