Computer Networking Layers Based on the OSI Model


  • Ahmad Fraihat


Computer networking is a communication tool that enables theconvenient exchange of information and resources between two physical devices by physical as well as wireless means;the physical means being cables andthe wireless means being internet technology. The concept of computer networking is simplified by a standardized classification model called the Operating System Interconnection i.e. OSI Model. The OSI Model breaks down each of the conceptually similar functions into a framework of seven layers where each layer can communicate with the layer adjacent to it. Essentially, each layer provides a service to the layer above it and in turn requests a service from the layer directly below it.The need for the OSI Model originated from the necessity to give assistance in communication between consumers and software developers in order to produce efficient network systems. The OSI Model rose up to this challenge by providing a better comprehension of Computer Networking Layers and their functionality by simplifying the already present models. The main idea behind the OSI Model is to group similar functions and services into a single layer.