Computer Web Data Application in e-Commerce in the New Era


  • Baihao Ma


Combined with the actual situation at the domestic stage, most of the application of this
aspect of e-commerce are from the national policy documents, as well as local laws and
regulations reflected in the inside, has not been aimed at e-commerce problems to
establish a special application, can not reach a relatively high level of application.In
particular, it can be seen from the existing e-commerce application content that the
supervision of computer Web and restriction of e-commerce activities are basically
emphasized, and consumer security right protection is not involved at all.So, in order to
better provides consumers with security, the author carefully analyzes the electricity
field by below about some of the problems of protection the right of consumer safety,
separately introduces the specific meaning of the right of e-commerce and consumer
safety, coupled with personal information, payment security, and the quality of the
products such as multiple levels to discuss the security rights to protect consumers in the
electricity field of key significance, and points out the various problems, finally,
combined with the actual situation shows some improvement measures, hoping to
promote the development of the domestic implementation of e-commerce is more and
more good.