Research on the Evaluation of Wind Energy Resources Based on Power and Wireless Communication Sharing Tower


  • Mingzhao Zhang , HanWu, RenhuaLuo


With the large-scale increase in the demand for 5G construction, tower companies will
encounter great challenges in terms of operator demand acceptance, base station
construction and delivery and post-maintenance operations. How to provide sufficient
site resources for 5G construction and development, effectively improve resource
utilization, meet the 5G business needs of various operators and build a low-cost,
high-efficiency and excellent service competitive advantage will be considered by the
tower company in the later 5G construction process One of the content. Therefore, the
Tower Company can actively focus on technological breakthroughs, vigorously develop
innovative products, optimize resource management mechanisms and other methods and
measures to face the 5G construction problems, seize the opportunity and further
enhance the brand influence of the Tower Company. The use of electric power and
wireless communication technology to optimize the analysis of the tower can effectively
complete the utilization of wind energy resources