Research on Automatic Monitoring and Diagnosis Technology of Gateway Metering Based on Big Data Analysis


  • LibingYang, Fubin Liu , YuanruiHong


With the continuous development of big data in China in recent years, due to the
complex construction personnel, poor working environment, short construction period
and other factors, the construction process is relatively more dangerous sources.Safety
accidents with negligent measurement at gateways often occur, such as falling objects
injuring people, partial cave-in, etc.These situations have brought varying degrees of
economic and property losses to construction enterprises. Analysis from the
perspective of energy metering can be found that the cause of this situation on the one
hand is the security responsibility is not clear, on the other hand, the enterprise's
internal management problems, energy metering management at the same time, there is
a flaw lack the necessary protection measures, the effective security responsibility will
not be able to implement to a specific staff.Due to the lack of education and training of
management personnel and operation technicians, the overall lack of safety technology
training, and the existence of illegal command and operation situation. This paper, by
analyzing the automatic monitoring of gateways metrology, adheres to the principle of
construction quality and safety, and gradually strengthens the safety responsibility
consciousness of grassroots managers, completes the automatic monitoring of
gateways metrology from many aspects, and carries out a comprehensive discussion on
gateways metrology.