Research and Design of Automatic Tracking System of Railway Transportation and Logistics in Modern Enterprises


  • FangfangYuan , XiaoxiGe


With the rapid development of modern society and economy, the flow of goods has
become more and more frequent. In order to realize the fast, timely and safe arrival of
goods, logistics has become the main way of commodity flow, and its advantages are
obvious.Logistics has developed into one of the important parts of the international
economic system, especially the express service, is now a fast developing logistics
service industry.Not only to promote social and economic development, convenient to
meet consumer exchange and demand, increase the employment rate and other aspects
of the reflected driving role.However, under the current economic background, how to
realize the optimization of express delivery, reduce logistics costs and improve the
strength of enterprises has become a subject of much concern and discussion in the
industry. Macroscopic speaking also offers the suggestion for our country distribution
industry, enhances the distribution industry development level, simultaneously also
speeds up our country distribution industry development step.China's distribution
companies in the process of distribution management problems have reference
significance, improve the modern enterprise railway transport distribution system, help
to improve customer satisfaction and the company's economic efficiency