Quality Inspection of Electronic Radio Frequency Tags Based on ARM Embedded Technology Relying on Mutual Inductance Coupling Principle


  • Pu Yan


To detect electronic tags with high efficiency and accuracy, we propose a new type of
automatic detection equipment for electronic tags based on the principle of mutual
inductance coupling in this paper. In the design and implementation of the electronic
label quality inspection system, the system is applied to the quality inspection link of
electronic label production. The system implements accurate measurement of
electronic tag quality parameters by DDS frequency synthesis technology, FIFO data
buffer structure, and digital signal processing technology based on the ARM embedded
hardware platform according to the principle of mutual inductance coupling.
Meanwhile, the system is debugged through embedded software to achieve the
automation of label quality parameter detection in the production process. Through
experimental testing and field operation demonstration, the system has high detection
accuracy, robust and reliable operation.