Optimization of Prediction Intensity of Big Data Clustering Algorithm Integrated with Distributed Computing in Cloud Environment


  • Juhua Wu


Through the existing hardware resources such as servers and storage in the data center,
the use of virtualization technology to integrate hardware resources and network
resources, etc., build a data center private cloud management platform, which can
optimize the highly standardized servers and fully improve the hardware Resource
utilization. Through a unified private cloud management platform, the rapid deployment
of hardware resources can be achieved and the operability of data can be enhanced. It can
meet most analysis tasks, quickly respond to analysis needs and improve the efficiency
and quality of system management. Realize the rational allocation of data resources with
minimal management cost and workload. During the period of continuous adjustment of
the business system, the school can use the cloud data center to allocate resources
according to the needs, meet the real-time deployment requirements of IT and carry out
real-time risk monitoring of cloud data, identify threat programs for isolation processing
and feedback and perform daily business operations Abnormalities are collected and
hidden dangers are discovered and early warning is given in time. On the other hand,
service providers can also develop customized security services based on the level of
corporate information security requirements.