Multi-Scale Prediction Method of Highway Traffic Flow Based on Artificial Intelligence


  • JieLiu , Xin Shi, YunzeWang


In recent years, as the era of electronic payment has brought about the development of
intelligent multi-scale forecasting of highway traffic in my country, it has also been
developed because of its late start. Expressway intelligence, in simple terms, is the
combination of human operation intelligent technology, digital transmission and
analysis and professional skills mastery in the process of highway management. This
technology can imitate people's thinking and analysis capabilities to ensure that the
original plan is normal run. The core point of the goal of realizing highway intelligence
is the relationship between the road, the driving vehicle and the owner and the
establishment of a relatively stable and efficient transportation route. From the
perspective of intelligent areas that have implemented multi-scale prediction of
expressway traffic, it is mainly reflected in the form of ETC, multi-scale prediction of
networked traffic, that is, according to the province or larger area, a one-time payment
method is adopted for all-in-one cards. Form a complete set of intelligent flow
multi-scale prediction system system, maximize the consideration of road users and
economic development needs, effectively solve the closed flow multi-scale prediction
system generated by different attributions or business entities and improve the efficiency
of expressway use and service quality , Reduce the corresponding energy consumption
and lay a good foundation for the sustainable development of highways in our country.