LP of Power System Network Security Application


  • Xiaogeng Li


In recent years, China's national economy has developed rapidly, which is accompanied
by the high consumption of China's power system. Therefore, we should not only
vigorously advocate the development of new energy, but also improve the utilization
efficiency of energy. Therefore, power enterprises can optimize their own network
security and generation scheduling, which will effectively reduce the energy
consumption of power generation. Transmission network planning of power system is
based on power planning, load forecasting, and the feasibility of power point and load
point, which can determine the future transmission network structure, namely grid
structure. At the same time, the time of grid planning is often as long as 10 years and has
a variety of ways. Therefore, the original data of circuit planning is changeable, which
will lead to many planning schemes. Therefore, we should choose the appropriate
planning scheme, which will better achieve the purpose of low energy consumption. By
introducing pattern recognition technology into linear programming (hereinafter
referred to as LP) algorithm, the power system can improve the performance of LP
security constrained scheduling, which will improve the security constrained scheduling
in the electricity market environment. Finally, this paper uses the LP algorithm to
practice the three modes of energy consumption