Integrated Service Platform Architecture of Cold Chain Logistics with RFID Tracing System Based on Cloud Computing


  • Qi Zhang


With the continuous development of the social economy, more and more attention is
paid to the food safety issues in daily life, and it is imperative to establish a complete
integrated cold chain logistics service platform. In this paper, RFID tags with
temperature sensors are used as information acquisition carriers, and a third-party cold
chain logistics information platform in the context of big data is established based on
cloud computing. Firstly, the positioning and key technologies of the platform are
introduced. In addition, based on the overall framework of the platform proposed, the
cold chain temperature monitoring, early warning system, and related hardware design,
cold chain food tracking and traceability system design, and other aspects are analyzed
specifically, which is of certain practical significance for the development of related
enterprises and the supervision activities of the government.