Research on the Application of IoT Cloud Computing Platform Combined with Remote Control Mechanical Equipment in Campus Security Protection


  • CuicuiJi


Smart campus security protection is an inevitable trend in the modern development of
campus security protection in our country. The combined application of emerging
technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing breaks through the time
and space constraints of the campus security protection environment and will obtain
timely monitoring and efficient transmission. So as to efficiently deal with the
asymmetry of information. The full integration of smart campus security protection and
contemporary biotechnology methods is also an important direction for the development
of campus security protection in the new era. With the continuous development of the
security protection of smart campuses, a benign operation model of administrative
guidance, social security, market promotion and public support has been formed, which
reflects the potential and possibility of long-term development and will play a greater
role in the development of social production. Great value