Research on Remote Monitoring System of Machinery Production and Maintenance Data Based on Internet of Things Technology


  • MinLi


For the Internet of Things technology, it is a technology that uses the Internet of Things
as a carrier to realize virtual space information sharing. The important premise of this
technology is the virtual space formed under the network protocol. In the current rapid
development of the Internet of Things technology, the mobile Internet of Things has also
emerged, which provides a reliable guarantee for the innovation and development of
various advanced technologies, including positioning functions, function technologies
and GPS infrared positioning technology, etc.. For the Internet of Things system, it
mainly includes perception layer structure, network layer structure and application layer
structure, which can effectively carry out on-site management. When performing
mechanical processing, as an enterprise, it needs reasonable management, of which
on-site management is a more important part. Scientific and effective management of
some production steps is the main purpose of site management. The machining of
machinery is implemented on-site in the workshop. The workshop is more important in
the development of the enterprise. It can effectively solve the problems of on-site
management of mechanical processing. This has a direct connection to the quality and
safety of the workshop. In addition, in the process of economic development, machining
and manufacturing is also indispensable, so remote control of it is extremely important.