Research on Linkage Host Security Protection System Based on Information Security Level Theory


  • Linjiang Xie, Feilu Hang , Wei Guo , Yao Lv, Wei Ou


With the rapid development of science and technology in China, nowadays people's life
and production are inseparable from computers. However, hacker intrusion, virus
infection, network crime and important information leakage will seriously affect the
information security and host security of our country. Information security level
protection (hereinafter referred to as ISLP) is the basic system and strategy of national
information security, which requires us to maintain the fundamental guarantee of
national information security. ISLP is the embodiment of the will of the state in
information security work, which is mainly based on the theory of information security
level. At the same time, the evaluation of information system security level protection is
a very important work link to carry out the ISLP work, which will better detect and
develop the security level compliance evaluation standards. Through the protection
requirements of safety level theory, we can provide comprehensive, fair and effective
technical support. Therefore, this paper studies the linkage host security protection
system based on the information security level theory. Then, this paper develops the
detection process. Finally, some suggestions are put forward.