Research on Host Security Protection Technology System Based on Linkage


  • Feilu Hang,*,Linjiang Xie, Wei Guo, Yao Lv, Wei Ou


With the rapid development of information technology and network technology in
China, information and network security in China is facing great threats, such as hacker
invasion, virus infection, network crime, important information leakage, etc., which
seriously affect the information security and host security of our country. At present, the
traditional defense system can be more effective. However, the most comprehensive
protection mechanism can only ensure the security of the system for a period of time,
which will quickly find the defects of the system protection mechanism and use it.
Therefore, the host will be constantly threatened by the network security. Therefore, our
country must strengthen the host security protection technology research, which will
better protect the security of our network information. Linkage mode is a way of
information sharing between host firewall and host intrusion detection system, which
can truly realize integrated active defense. Therefore, based on the linkage mode, this
paper studies the host security protection technology system, which will better realize
the host security protection. At the same time, this paper develops a host security
immune trusted scheme. Finally, the system model is designed.