Construction of a Big Data Intelligent Search Engine Fused with Adaptive Multi-Objective Differential Evolution Algorithm


  • DanHuang,*Dawei Zhang


Data visualization management is a major innovation based on cloud computing big data
processing technology. Under the premise of cloud computing technology, big data
visualization can fully dig and collect hidden data information and use intuitive and
vivid charts for performance. Big data visualization technology is a data mining
technology based on cloud computing technology. It can accurately identify valuable
information from a large amount of complex and changeable data and provide it to users
in the form of services. It is precisely because of the strong guarantee of cloud
computing that the level of data mining can be improved. And after big data digs up
important information from a large amount of data, cloud computing will immediately
aggregate the fragmented information, discover the laws and then analyze the overall
trend of market economic development more accurately and scientifically. For visual
processing technology, the method of drawing trend graphs can be used to
comprehensively display the basis of visual processing, which can make the data results
have intuitive and vivid characteristics and lay a good foundation for search engines to
avoid decision-making errors. At this stage, many search engines in my country have
their own business content and business fields. Therefore, a reasonable development of
big data mining strategies under the cloud computing model will help the efficient
collection of search engine data.