Method of Cleaning the Piston-Cylinder Engine Part of the Internal Combustion Engines of Agricultural Equipment


  • A. A. H. Al-Maidi
  • Yu. V. Rodionov
  • A. E. Lomovskikh
  • S. V. Borisov
  • D. V. Nikitin
  • D. Yu. Muromtsev


The article describes a method and device for non-elective cleaning of carbon deposits of parts of the cylinder-piston group of internal combustion engines of agricultural machinery, which is installed directly on the vehicle. The developed method consists in the fact that there is a restoration of the main characteristics of the engine by cleaning the parts of the cylinder-piston group and the timing mechanisms, by supplying a mixture of fuel and water of high dispersion, in which the droplet sizes are 3...5 microns. In the combustion chamber, water droplets at high temperature boil and randomly moving, hit the carbon, gradually destroy it. The size of the chipped particles of soot are so small that they are easily removed from the combustion chamber through the exhaust without affecting engine parts. The developed samples of devices are mounted in any free place of the engine compartment of automotive equipment and are connected with each other by flexible rubber fuel lines. Standard tanks can be used as water tanks. The use of the developed devices for non-disassembly cleaning of parts of the cylinder-piston group of the engine from carbon deposits during the operation of the automotive equipment will increase the life of the engine and fuel equipment by reducing the formation of solid particles (carbon) and lacquer films on the parts in the combustion chamber and the high-pressure fuel pump.