Assessment and Analysis of College English Classroom Teaching Based on Multivariate Dynamic Interpretation Model


  • Jige Hou


The theory of multivariate dynamic interpretation has had a great impact on the
education in all countries around the world, which has also been well-received in the
education sector in China and adopted as the theoretical basis for new curriculum.
However, how to put the multivariate dynamic interpretation theory into teaching
practice to exert the intellectual advantages of the students in English learning, promote
effective teaching of English and achieve better and more harmonious development of
student intelligence has become a common concern in the education industry. The
advantages and disadvantages of the multivariate dynamic interpretation model are
analyzed, and the multi-dimensional dynamic interpretation model is applied to carry out
assessment analysis of the college English classroom teaching. Based on the
comparative analysis of the multi-dimensional dynamic interpretation model, it is found
that the analysis of college English classroom teaching is conducive to improving the
students' performance as well as their self-confidence and interpersonal skills; enhancing
the language acquisition ability of the students and improving their language level in a
comprehensive manner