Application of Three-Dimensional Body Measurement Technology and Clothing Cad Technology in The Design of Cheongsam Model Structure


  • Lina Zheng, JunWang


Cheongsam needs to have a well-fitting silhouette, which requires a high degree of fit
and emphasizes the beauty of human curves. The loose design of cheongsam directly
affects the gracefulness of its appearance and comfort. In clothing design, art and design
creation techniques are increasingly used in education and social science research, which
can be used as a means to supplement narrative qualitative research methods. Due to the
fast-paced world of today, all information fields require clear graphic design. Therefore,
cheongsam design came into being. And cheongsam design mainly involves clothing
design and information design, in which clothing design includes functions such as the
language of graphics, style and emotion of illustrations and information design mainly
includes functions such as the accuracy and effectiveness of information transmission. A
soulful cheongsam design should use a unique way of expression to ingeniously blend
clothing design and information design and effectively and accurately convey the
original intention of the design. Finally, the analysis results are verified and a cheongsam
design pattern with a high degree of graceful appearance and good wearing comfort is