Analysis of Security Guard Technology of Information Database Based on Computer Modeling


  • Wenyan Deng


With the development of social economy and technological level, major changes have
taken place in the network and application technology. Network architecture, basic
operating systems and information security play an important role in the construction of
enterprise informatization and we must optimize it as the focus of the informatization
construction process. Enterprise basic network is the foundation and key of enterprise
informatization construction and operation. The basic operation system is an operable
platform that adapts and satisfies users for data and information exchange. Information
security is an act of security protection and control for enterprise data exchange. These
three aspects all affect each other's basic informatization degree and network security
and also affect the future development direction of enterprise informatization. Therefore,
strengthening enterprise computer network database security management technology
plays an important role in the development of enterprise informatization. The creators
and administrators of computer network databases have imperfect database management
systems and the information administrators are concurrently responsible for security
management. The information administrators' insufficiency in the technology and level
of security management has led to insufficient energy in network security management.
In terms of management, there is a lack of implementation efficiency of measures, so this
article effectively improves it.