Strengthing Education in Diversities


  • Ms. Anuradha Amos, Prof (Dr.) Munender Kumar Tyagi


Numerous challenges have been created in the 21st century may be known as the diversity in themselves as students, This is the prime duty of the educators, policy makers and educationists to take-up this challenge to ensure the accountability in the classroom and outside the class room. It has been realized that the frequency of special education for the challenged students, however is one of obstacle that the teachers face. Teachers also contended that a great and increasing number of students, who are backward and high poverty class families are culturally and linguistically. It’s observable that in the classroom multicultural dynamics students but obviously teacher brings many ranges of diversity of students with their issues. It makes a difference physically and cultural appearance into the class room, it is teachers to note how a teacher looks, he or she speak how they  put their opinion , how  they differ physically , mentally , intellectually and aware of possible reactions among   the diverse students related to race, caste , gender, age ethical , abilities and other differences, this is the teacher who has to go in depth about the reality and reactions of the diverse students in the course of study   or job teacher turning the mirror towards himself and find out more about his own diverse  issues.