Research on the Integration method of Aerobics High difficulty Movement oriented to Web Technology


  • Zhaoxia Ji*, Mingsheng Xu, Fei Zhang, Ai Zhang, Yonglin Zhao


In order to improve the ability of adaptive information fusion and scheduling of aerobics
difficult movements, a Web - based aerobics integration method of high - difficulty
movements is proposed to guide the training of aerobics difficult movements. Big data
analysis method is used to quantify the movement characteristics of the collected aerobics
high difficulty action information. According to the classification results of the
characteristics of the aerobics high difficulty movement information resources, the
resources allocation and adaptive motion registration are carried out. Under the
background of Web technology, the fuzzy scheduling and adaptive information fusion of
aerobics high difficulty movements are carried out, and the information fusion model of
resource integration is constructed, and the optimization and integration of aerobics high
difficulty actions are realized by fuzzy scheduling method. The simulation results show
that the information fusion ability of this method for the integration of the high-difficulty
movements of aerobics is better, and the ability of feature extraction for the high-difficulty
movements of aerobics is better, and the ability to decompose and identify the movements
is improved.