Factors Influencing Job Stress in Sales-force: An Exploratory Study


  • Shyamali Satpathy, Sisir Ranjan Dash, Sabyasachi Dey


The present study is focused on understanding stress phenomenon of the sales employees working in various sectors by identifying the distressing factors that affect most individuals. This research paper will also make an understanding about the demographic profiles of the respondents that causes sales stress. Sales being a most sought after area with quick rises in financial growth, most individuals choose the area of sales without bearing an understanding about their self concept. This study will relate demographic profiles of sales employees to their abilities of enduring stress and leading to positive outcomes.  As a research method, we used an online questionnaire, applied to the samples which represent the target group of the project. The major findings of the study that those who are less experienced and in the young age are more likely to have sales stress.  Additionally, it has been found in the present study that the composition and size of the family in which sales people are living has a significant impact on the ability to manage sales stress. The study will help in understanding whether the sales skills can be developed and sustained. It is a research which will help the recruiters to select apt persons who will be able to handle the sales stress and also help in increasing sales of the companies even amongst all competitions.