Power Quality Mitigation & THD Reduction using STATCOM for Renewable Energy System


  • P. Sundaramoorthi
  • V. Prasannamoorthy
  • R. Kathiravan


Electric power is the growing demands with Renewable Energy system power makes huge impact on power generation side. Wind System generates considerable amount of power that has unstable conditions. Grid interfacing the wind power is quiet difficult task as harmonics generated in the power. Voltage Flicker is main Power quality issues that causes Industrial and Domestic disturbances that affect the power quality leads to serious Issues in wind power supply. Static VAR (SVAR) is a Compensator Power works under VSC. The SVAR shunted as compensating device to improve Voltage quality by injecting a controllable current, which will increase the quality of the load current. The stability of SVAR is decreased as output voltage decrease. STATCOM is used belong to family of FACTS. In this paper 24 pulses STATCOM has been performed harmonics content is high. An LC filter has been used in STATCOM to reduce harmonics. The proposed model is verified using MATLAB/SIMULINK.