A 39 Years (1980-2019) Bibliometric Analysis of Safety Leadership Research


  • Khairul Hafezad Abdullah, Mohd. Nazri Hashim, Fadzli Shah Abd. Aziz


Safety leadership is a crucial element in managing workplace safety and health management efficiently. This study aims to examine the bibliometric analysis of safety leadership publication patterns, research growth, and related publication information. A total of 445 safety research publications from the Scopus database were analysed from 1980 to 2019. Data were exported to Microsoft Excel, Publish or Perish (PoP), and VOS viewer. This study evaluated the data on the global trend of publication, the contribution of countries, the contribution of journals, distribution of institutions, the contribution of authors, reference analysis, and keywords analysis. By using bibliometric parameters, this study found contradictory publication trends. The results showed that safety leadership research focused mainly on engineering and medicine, while the most influential publication countries were the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Safety Science was the most potent and compelling resource. Academicians and professional authors actively engaged in writing safety leadership research articles over 39 years. Authors’ keywords of safety leadership, safety culture, safety climate, and safety performance were written simultaneously in the articles. Therefore, this study is capable of establishing a new safety leadership research dimension to be considered in the future.