Reconfiguration of Nodes Using Mpsoc for Fault Tolerant in Smart Network


  • M. Sirin Kumari
  • D. Vijaya Kumar


Advanced control network is required to become more brilliant in arrange to supply an reasonable, solid, and maintainable supply of power. Beneath such circumstances, impressive exercises have been carried out within the U.S. and Europe to define and promote a vision for the advancement of long-term keen control networks. In any case, the majority of these exercises as it were put accentuation on the dispersion lattice and request side; whereas the big picture of the transmission framework within the setting of savvy lattices is still vague. This paper presents a special vision for the long run keen transmission lattices in which the major highlights that these lattices must have are clearly distinguished. In this vision, each shrewd transmission lattice is respected as an coordinates framework that practically comprises of three intuitively, keen components, i.e., smart control centers, keen transmission systems, and smart substations. The utilize of reconfigurable equipment (HW) can make strides the handling execution of numerous frameworks, including Sensor Systems. In this paper the significance of restructuring the existing smart framework design utilizing MPSoC with control framework components. This paper uncovers the blame tolerant strategy utilizing MPSoC with self-diagnosis, which is fundamental for improving the proposed design for smart framework functionalities. This leads to decrease computational complexity of the existing engineering vitality and control moves forward execution tradeoff.