Research on the Training Path of Sports Humanistic Spirit Under the Background of "Internet + Education"


  • Qiuhua Wang, Yimin Liu, Chunli Han


modern education is based on the scientific outlook on development, taking human development as the core of the work and adhering to the concept of people-oriented education. With the continuous improvement of Internet technology, the advantages of the "Internet + education" model have emerged. Through the Internet technology and the integration of sports teaching work, will not only contribute to the solution of the problems in present sports teaching work, also can stimulate students' learning enthusiasm, real progress on training students' humanistic spirit. In fact, by campus teaching organic integration with the Internet technology, to promote the students' cultural quality, moral level and humanistic spirit, it has become a focus of attention in current education work. Under the current situation, the "Internet + education" model is also shoulding the burden of cultivating its humanistic spirit on the basis of improving students' physique and entertainment The humanistic spirit is not only a symbol of the human spirit, but also a spiritual trend that has gradually emerged in the history of human society's long cultural development. The continuous improvement of the humanistic spirit will be conducive to the sublimation of one’s own ideological realm and the improvement of the overall quality. The so-called sports humanistic spirit refers to the integration of the two by instilling humanistic ideas into sports activities. While developing, the humanistic spirit of sports is gradually being stripped from the original humanities and transformed into a separate system of humanistic spirit. The emergence of the “Internet +” model has also changed the traditional way of education to some extent. As an important component of school education, physical education takes internet technology as the starting point. By leveraging the advantages of Internet resources and changing the knowledge structure in the education field, we will promote the integration of sports and humanities education, and promote the development of physical education while enhancing students’ humanistic quality.