Influence Of Ginning For Paddle Roll Speed Raw Roller Saw Gin


  • Salokhiddin Yunusov, Mirsalikh Agzamov, Mirkhosil Agzamov, Najmiddin Kamolov, Khanimkul, Pardayev


            In the cotton-ginning factories of the process ginning is carried out on the saw gin. Main working body of the saw gin it is saw cylinder. The teeth of the saw cylinder come into the process chamber capture fiber from raw roller drags a grate, where it is ginning process, is formed raw roller. Ginning in the process of saw gin occur due to the difference between the angular velocities of the cylinder and saw raw roller. Reducing this gap or increase the angular velocity of raw roller causes the increase in the number of fibers that captured the saw-toothed saw cylinder, and this in turn leads to increased productivity. The main energy of the cylinder saw is spent on speeding raw roller. The paper presents the results of experimental studies in a laboratory setting the saw gin with the optical sensor. Consider the effect of the regime on the ginning speed accelerator adobe roller. The analysis of the experimental data and evidence-based use of the accelerator adobe roller saw gin.