Using Social Media for predictive Data Analytics in Productivity increasing Decision-Making Process


  • G. Nalinipriya
  • B. Balamurugan
  • S. Karthikeyan


Data is wealth, it can be used in ‘N’ number of ways as per the needs of an organization. Prediction takes more important in building a marketing strategy. With the traditional marketing the seller found difficulties to target the right audience for their business. In addition to that, spending a huge amount for printed materials and distributing to the uninteresting customer. This paper will give an overview of marketing and predicting and deciding the sales using the huge data that are generated in their respective business. Digital Marketing is to promote the business with minimal cost and also it will target the right audience which can be selected by sellers. In this paper, digital marketing is enhanced by extracting the data of the user from the huge volume of data for increasing productivity by association rule mining and social network analysis. At this paper, predicting, investigating and implementing the digital marketing methods by using big data would be the right selection for the success of the ventures..