Research on the Collaborative Education of Higher Vocational College Students' Professional Ethics Education—Take Anyang Preschool Education College as an Example


  • Dongsheng Zhao, Qiaoyu Ge, Xiaoguang Du


Professional ethics education, which can improve the professional identity and loyalty of practitioners, is the core content of higher vocational personnel training; the integration between industry and education can strengthen the connection between pre service and post service, which is an important way for higher vocational colleges to strengthen vocational college students' professional ethics education; practice oriented professional learning can ensure the combination of theory and practice, and improve students' professional quality The basic content of specialty construction and the educational mode of integration of theory and practice are the important guarantee for the effectiveness of higher vocational education. In this paper, the author of preschool education vocational school as an example, to strengthen vocational college students' professional ethics education background, strategy, content and other aspects summarized some recent exploration results, hoping to be able to give some enlightenment to the talent training work of higher vocational colleges.