Slopes Stability Analysis Using the Plaxis 2D Program and Taylor’s Stability Equation


  • Vinod B R
  • P. Shivananda
  • A B Ragavendra
  • Rakesh M
  • Pallavi S


Slopes Stability Analysis of regular and artificial slopes  is a testing soil mechanics  issue. Regularly, unique experts breaking down a similar issue will evaluate a extensive variety in estimated execution. The main objective  of this paper is to compare the difference between  the Plaxis 2D Program and Taylor's Stability Equation technique for estimation of factor of safety (FOS) of slopes under various states of soil profile.Plaxis is a fit programming and simple to utilize limited finite element package for 2D and 3D assessment of deformation and stability in geotechnical stream .The Taylor’s stability condition is utilized for finding the FOS of undrained and depleted soil slope. At last, it was discovered that the Plaxisprogram  was more preservationist when contrasted with Taylor's technique. The FOS is found  by utilizing finite element (FE), limit equilibrium (LE), Morgenston – Price ,quality decrease and other technique accessible in the utilized programming. For basic homogenous soil slopes, it was discovered that the outcomes from these strategies are for the most part in great assention. This examination additionally explored the influence of embankment height and its  slopes (geometry) on strength. Three illustrations are giving to assessment FOS. Fluctuation of soils cohesion and angle of internal friction   influencing element of FOS  have been considered for slopes.